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Ewan McIntosh | Digital Media & Education
Ewan McIntosh's looks at digital media, how young people use it and how this affects learning, business and our organisations

  • Out Now! How To Come Up With Great Ideas and Actually Make The Happen
    Finally! You can now buy How To Come Up With Great Ideas And Actually Make Them Happen on iTunes!

  • Why not?, and the power of getting on with it
    It's the distinct lack of "why?", in fact, and the implied criticism that seems to come with those three letters, that relaxes me, helps me concentrate, helps me focus my efforts on one thing, and doing it best I can, and often a little bit better than that, in fact. No devil's advocate. No "have you thought about doing cats instead?". No "why?".

  • The most important thing you need to know about creativity
    If you want to be creative then you’d better get creative. While all of us start with a literal blank page, none of us have a metaphorical blank page.

  • Launching a new Masters: Designing Spaces for Learning #inf536
    When most people find out that they are in line to create a new physical or virtual environment for their school, few have really driven deep into what the research says, and how it might pan out in practice. And, with deadlines in place, and architects producing their "masterplans" based on what they have been able to squeeze out of...

  • #EduTECH 2014: Agile Leadership
    Five year plans are the last thing I'd be creating if I wanted to see innovation happen in a school. Most creative organisations we work with have something more akin to an innovation strategy based on audacious goals, with a skillset in one's team that helps each individual find their place in making those goals happen, one small step at...

  • Do people really want a struggle, or an easy day of PD?
    Sometimes I wish I just ran flashy blogging workshops for a living. The days would be easy, the money, too. I wouldn't have to think hard, and nor would the attendees. I'd have photos of smiling complacent teachers out for a jolly PD day. But the satisfaction would be zero on both sides of the fence. As our buddy John...

  • Real problem-finding attracting global researchers: Year 9, Denmark
    Year 9 students have made a discovery through their own problem-finding in science, and international scientists are honing in on the consequences. Wifi and 3G next to the bed? Not any more. More on problem-finding from my TEDx talk. Cross-posted on NoTosh's Facebook page.

  • Look Up: knowing when to drop your tech to really learn...
    Look Up. Effective technology use is knowing as much when to drop it, as to use it. "Where we leave out all the bad bits, show no emotion…" A poem about real world empathy, being in the present, shutting down that screen... after you've watched it on YouTube, of course. The point made here, though, is an interesting one when...

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